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Guide to best Local TAVERNS and the best FOOD

30 USD / Experience

Group size up to 5 people

We provide private group experiences and charge a fixed price up to the capacity limit for that experience. The price is NOT per person.



  Food & Drink

About your Local Guide

I have many interests. Just love so much travelling and meeting new people and show them city and beautiful places. Food.Taverns. Art. Music. Films. Nightlife, you name it :)

3 hours

Monday: 6:00 - 24:00

Tuesday: 6:00 - 24:00

Wednesday: 6:00 - 24:00

Thursday: 6:00 - 24:00

Friday: 6:00 - 24:00

Saturday: 6:00 - 24:00

Sunday: 6:00 - 24:00

Offered in Bosnian, English, Serbian

How is the tour?

Nis is one of the best gastronomy city in the Balkans. Let me show you the best kafanas and taverns in the city and then we can pick up one and go there. Also the prices are very good. Do you want to try rakija? :)

You should bring

Visit local taverns

What's included?

Food and drinks in taverns are included, person dont need to pay for eating

Where do we meet?

City center in Nis

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Guide to best Local TAVERNS and the best FOOD

30 USD / Private Experience

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